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  • How to earn money?
  • Contribute to chat in text channels (only in unlocked channels)
  • Play games
  • Work, be a slut, commit a crime, or try to rob another member's cash
  • Deposit money to the bank, to earn interest



List the roles you can self assign using toggle-role <role>

toggle-role <role name>
Give yourself one of the self assignable roles.

If you already have the role it will remove it.

Use the list-self-roles command to list roles you can self assign.

Example: toggle-role CSGO



Check the total bank balance for the server, and current interest rate.

Removes anyone from the leaderboard that are no longer in your server.

This resets their money to 0, and removes them from the leaderboard.

Commit a crime, this has more risk but a higher payout

!deposit <amount or all>
Deposit money to your bank.

Example: !deposit 500

!give-money <member> <amount>
Give another member your money 

Example: give-money unbelievable 480

leaderboard [page]
Displays the money leaderboard for the server.

To remove users from the leaderboard that are no longer in the server, use the clean-leaderboard command.

lock-channel [channel or all]
Lock channels from earning money from chatting.

If no channel is given, the current channel will be locked.

Example: lock-channel #general

!money [member]
Check your balance, or the balance of another member.

!remove-money-role [cash | bank] <role> <amount>
Remove money from the cash of every member in a role.

Example: remove-money-role Muted 950

!remove-money [cash | bank] <member> <amount>
Remove money from a member's cash or bank balance.

If the cash or bank argument isn't given, it will be removed from the cash part.

For an infinite amount of money use Infinity (case-sensitive) as the amount.

Example: remove-money unbelievable 280

Resets everyone's balance back to 0.

!reset-money [user]
Reset your money, or another user's money.

!rob <member>
Rob another member's money OwO.

You can only attempt to rob the cash part of their balance.

The success rate of this is calculated using your balances.

Example: rob unbelievable

Whip it out, for a bit of quick cash 

(Some of these may be a bit NSFW)

unlock-channel [channel or all]
Unlock channels for earning money from chatting.

If no channel is given, the current channel will be unlocked.

Example: unlock all

withdraw <amount or all>
Withdraw money from your bank.

Example: withdraw 100

Work, work, work, work, work. This command has no chance of getting fined.



!blackjack <bet>
Play a game of blackjack for money.

The aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer's hand, without going over 21.

hit - take another card

stand - hold your cards and end your turn

~~split - split into two hands, only if you have two of the same card~~

~~double down - double your bet, and take 1 more card~~

Example: blackjack 250

!cock-fight <bet>
Place your bets, and send your chicken off to fight, and hope it comes back in all pieces.

The more times your chicken wins, the stronger it gets!

You can only own 1 chicken at a time.

Example: cock-fight 250

!roll [max number or options to choose from]
Roll a dice, or select a random option from the given list.

Specify how many side the dice has (default 6 sided)

Or provide a list of things to choose from (separated by a comma)

Example: roll 6 OR roll pizza, more pizza, pineapple

Displays information about the roulette

roulette <bet> <space>
Start a game of roulette, or place your bet in an existing game.

Example: roulette 350 odd



buy-item [amount] <item name>
Buy an item from the store. If no amount is given, you will buy 1.

Example: buy 10 pizza OR buy pizza

create-item [item name]
Create an item for your store.

Use this command without any arguments to be guided through every option, and type cancel at any point to stop.

Use this command, with the item name, to create a "simple" item you can edit later.

delete-item <item name>
Delete an item from the store.

Example: delete-item pizza

edit-item <option (see list)> <item name> [new value]
Edit an existing item in the store.

If the item's name contains spaces, put it inside double quotes "like this".


name - item name.

price - item price.

description - item description.

inventory - whether this item shows in your inventory. (yes = show in inventory, no = don't)

role - role you are given when buying (non-inventory item) or using (inventory item) the item. (leave blank to remove)

duration - amount of time the item will stay in the store (e.g. 3 days), enter 0 for no limit.

stock - amount of stock left, enter Infinity for no limit.

reply - message the bot replies with when the item is "used".

Example: edit-item description pizza Can't go wrong with pizza

give-item <member> [amount] <item name>
Give a member an item from the store.

If no amount is specified, 1 item will be given.

Use sell-item to give an item from your own inventory.

Example: give-item unbelievable 6 pizza

inventory [member] [page]
View your's or somebody else's inventory

item-info <item name>
View the details for an item.

Example: item-info pizza

store [page]
View a list of items available to buy in the store.

Example: store 3

take-item <member> [amount] <item name>
Take (remove) an item from a member's inventory.

Example: take-item unbelievable pizza

use-item [amount] <item name>
Use an item in your inventory.

If the item comes with a role, you will be given this role.

Example: use-item pizza