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[Sticky] Rules For Staff  


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08/09/2018 12:09 am  

​Rules for staff

1. Never abuse your powers.

2. Do not ask for events.

3. If you want to use your powers (noclip, cloak, god) make sure to be in the staff on duty job or it will count as one strike. (unless you are a superadmin and above)

4. Each different staff rank will be getting different types of strike points. 
Helpers will be given 5 strike points, Moderators will be given 4 strike points, Admins will be given 3 strike points, Senior Admins will be given 2 strike points, GM's (Game Masters) will be given 2 strike points, Superadmins and above will be given 1 strike point. You must not use up any of your strike points, But if you do end up using up all of your points you will be kicked out of staff and will not be allowed back in. 

5. Types of strikes (Not helping players when you know they need help, Cloaking off duty or using staff powers off duty, Not RPing seriously and messing around, Disobeying higher ranking staff, Being rude to players/ Staff, Getting too many complains about you, RDMing.) These are all 1 strike each.
6. Being Racist and fighting with players as well as joking around about illness will cost you 3 strikes each.

7. You must always listen to a higher up, Unless they tell you to do something unreasonable such as killing another player. (if such a thing happens please report the staff member.

8. If you feel as you can not comply to all of these rules please do not apply as we do not people who will not listen to their higher ups and not take their jobs seriously.

9. If you do choose to apply and you do get to become a staff member, and get kicked out for having either too many strikes or just being kicked out because of any other reason you must not complain.